Nyathi Anti-Poaching Unit was established in 2002 to render specialized security services to the conservation world. Nyathi Anti-Poaching Unit is providing anti-poaching, access control, guest safety and fence patrols, to a variety of clients and game reserves. Nyathi Anti-Poaching Unit not only provides security for rhinos, but also for millions of rands worth of valuable wildlife, lodges and other assets.

We currently protect over 60 000ha of conservation areas which combined is home to various species of wildlife including rare and endangered species.

Nyathi Anti-Poaching Unit currently employs close on 200 staff members from surrounding communities, who have been trained to protect the wildlife within the reserves. All staff are put through mental and physical evaluations and criminal background checks.

We work closely with the local police and the provincial wildlife authority (Ezemvelo KZN Wildlife) and are part various wildlife protection forums and initiatives in the region.

Nyathi Anti-Poaching Unit is registered with all relevant government bodies.

The secret of Nyathi Anti-Poaching Unit’s success is in prevention. This is achieved by relying on information from the local communities in operational areas. The information obtained is up to date and gathered through “normal police work”.

Unlike other units, Nyathi Anti-Poaching Unit does not have a full military approach to wildlife security, but rather a paramilitary approach combining bush skills with policing tactics. Information obtained is analyzed in house and used to plan operations and reaction effectively.

Nyathi Anti-Poaching Unit combines intelligence, tracking and reaction with great success in protecting Zululand’s wildlife.

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